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What happens when a family business of over two decades continue to surpass and excel? It leads to perfection. We are proud to present you the following services with perfection and excellence.

Money Exchange

We can proudly state that our money exchange services are at par excellence. We provide our customers with the best possible rates unlike the ones offered at over-the-counter at the banks or conventional money changers.

Money Transfer

Our money transfer services bear no excessive overhead costs. You can transfer your money with complete trust and confidence through us. Your money will be transferred in the committed time period and you shall be notified about it on various stages.


We offer unsurpassed (RMB) money exchange and payments in and out of China. This process is considered slightly complicated but at SURE WELL SERVICES LIMITED it is carried out smoothly.

Why Choose Us

Low cost

Our low fees and exchange rates are shown upfront.


Get your money to family and friends in minutes.


It’s easy to use and we’re here to help round the clock.


Our name is associated with trust, honesty and ethics.


Our clients are informed about their transactions at every step.


We use the most ground breaking technologies to provide unparalleled services.

There are so many remittance companies operating, but each time I asked anyone about which company is the best and most trust worthy, the answer was always SURE WELL SERVICES LIMITED. So I chose it. And I had the best experience. My transitions were made smoothly, I was guided so well and the staff was so friendly and helpful.

Ricky Hussey

I would definitely recommend SURE WELL SERVICES LIMITED to anyone who wants to transfer or exchange money. They are extremely professional and understand that how worried a person can get while transferring their hard earned money. They took care of me so well. The process was fast and transparent. I would recommend everyone who wants to go to the best remittance company, to choose SURE WELL SERVICES LIMITED.

Andrew Strauss

My friend had to transfer his money back to his hometown. He went to a remittance company. He had the worst experience. The company was not notifying them about their money, kept him on hold for 20 minutes each time he called them; according to him it was a nightmare. He keeps sending money to his family every 3 months. I suggested him to go to SURE WELL SERVICES LIMITED. It has been 3 years now, he transfers his money through SURE WELL SERVICES LIMITED and is so happy with their services.

Tommaso Carbone

SURE WELL SERVICES LIMITED is the best remittance company. They are loyal, credible and friendly. I am so happy with my dealings with them. Whether it be money transfer or money exchange they are the best!

Michael Clay